Parking Lindeneck - great-value long-term parking

The car park for our long-term renters is located in the heart of the popular Seefeld district. Also known as the 8th district, it offers a wide range of gastronomy, trendy boutiques, galleries, small but beautiful hotels and many delicatessens.

Parking Lindeneck

Parking Lindeneck

You live or work nearby and need an ideal long-term parking space

Our monthly season tickets

You will receive your personal parking space and can park in the parking 24/7.

Monthly season ticket       CHF 247.71


Key benefits

Guaranteed parking space

As a renter you have a guaranteed parking space at any time of the day or night.

Parking space sharing

You can register several vehicles for your parking space. 

24/7 access

You receive a rental card (badge) from us, allowing you to drive into and out of the car park whenever you like.

Our on-site services

You’ll find all the infrastructure details here.

The place to go if you’re looking for a family car, a saloon or a prestigious car for business or pleasure, or if you need a delivery vehicle for a job.

View the wide range of vehicles on offer at :


Total of 80 parking spaces


Opening hours 24/7


Vehicle heights limit 2.00 m

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