Parking Utoquai

The Utoquai car park is located right next to the Lake Zurich promenade and gives you ideal access to the city if you’re arriving via Seestrasse or Forchstrasse. The Seefeld quarter is also home to a wide range of gastronomy, trendy boutiques, galleries, small but beautiful hotels and many delicatessens.

Parking Utoquai

Prices and season tickets 

Do you live near one of our car parks and/or are you an EV owner looking for a parking space with a charging station? Do you park in the city every day or several times a month? Or are you just passing through? We’ve got the perfect package for you. 




Our on-site services

You’ll find all the infrastructure details here.


50 charging stations

50 public charging stations are available around the clock. 


Simple charging and billing process

Short-term parkers obtain their parking ticket when entering the charging station. The charging process can be activated by a charging card (RFID) or by scanning the QR code on the charging station via the installed charging app. If neither a charging card nor a charging app is available, the QR code on the charging station can simply be scanned. After depositing the credit card details, the charging process starts.

The end consumer price is set by the corresponding charging card provider or operator (e.g. Swisscharge, TCS, Move, Volton, etc.).


Monthly season tickets with EV charging

Park and charge your car during the day and/or at night for several hours at a flat rate. 


The charging capacity depends on the number of vehicles using electricity and may vary.

Let us give your car a professional clean. Choose from several car wash options, including a full interior clean. Ask about this at the Service Desk.

  • NO lift
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Guidance system
  • Customer toilets
  • Accepted payment methods: credit card, Twint, Parkingpay, CHF, EUR, debit card



Vehicle height limit 2.10 m


Opening hours 24/7

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