Parking Talgarten Zurich

The car park lies in the heart of Zurich, near Bahnhofstrasse and the Botanical Garden. It’s in an ideal spot if you’re keen to sample the hospitality of Zurich’s Kaufleuten restaurant on Pelikanplatz during the evening.
Parking Talgarten

Prices and season tickets 

Do you live or work nearby? Do you park in the city every day or several times a month? Or are you just passing through? We’ve got the perfect package for you. 





Total 110 parking spaces


Vehicle height limit 3.40 m (courtyard) 2.10 m (UG)


Opening hours: 24/7


Office on-site: Mo - Sa 07.00 - 22.00 hrs, So closed

Our on-site services

The car park is equipped with the latest technology and sustainable, bright LED lighting.

There are two charging stations available around the clock:


Parking spaces on lower level 1

charging stations with Type 2 socket

For registration and more information, visit

Without registration: scan the QR code on the charging station and pay direct by credit card


The charging capacity depends on the number of vehicles being charged and can vary.


You can fill up on site.

You can pay for your car park ticket at the pay machine as follows: 

Credit card, Twint, CHF, EUR, debit card


Security cameras


NO elevator available


Customer toilet


Parking guidance system

Do you have any questions or comments?

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