The car park becomes a charging park

With its valuable contribution to climate protection and sustainability in road traffic, electric mobility is having an increasing impact on our everyday lives. The number of electric vehicles in Switzerland has more than doubled compared to 2020 – a clear indication that the future is electric. The public charging network in Switzerland is already well developed, yet homes and workplaces are still mostly lacking in technical options and/or infrastructure. That’s why we want to make it easier for our customers to access forward-looking mobility.

Expansion of slow-charging stations in the car parks of AMAG

We will be significantly increasing the number of EV charging stations in our multi-storey car parks between 2022 and 2025. The first stage of this project was launched in summer 2022, involving the installation of around 140 charging stations at the Utoquai, Messe and Kongress car parks. Since 2024 the car park Opéra is equipped with another 17 EV charging stations. 

Expansion of slow-charging stations

Our new monthly e-season tickets

Rent a long-term parking space with EV charging in the car park Utoquai, Messe and Kongress

We give commuters, local residents and businesses an optimum charging solution and a covered long-term parking space. Benefit from of a parking- and charging offer at a monthly flat rate.


Monday to Sunday

Need a parking space in our car park every day or several times a month?

Park and charge your car 24/7 at any of our charging stations.



Night & Weekend

On the road during the day and you need a cheap and flexible car subscription?

Park and charge weekdays from 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m., any time at weekends, on public holidays and 20 free hours per month. Extra hours will be charged at a fixed hourly rate. 

Charging stations for short-term parkers

In all charging parks (except Kongress) are the charging stations open to the public and also accessible to short-term parkers.

Simple charging and billing process
Short-term parkers obtain their parking ticket when entering the charging station. The charging process can be activated by a charging card (RFID), charging app or by scanning the QR code. The end consumer price is set by the corresponding charging card provider or operator (e.g. Swisscharge, TCS, Move, Helion charge:on, etc.).
With Helion charge:ON, we have a competent charging network provider in the charging parks. Helion is an AMAG subsidiary and, with a coverage of 9,000 charging stations (approx. 90% coverage), is the reliable companion for charging in public spaces throughout Switzerland. You can also charge at more than 220,000 stations abroad with charge:on. Helion charge:on offers customized complete solutions for companies.

Find out more about your nearest charging park.