Our philosophy

We and the whole AMAG Group, with around 6500 employees, are dedicated to providing people with great mobility. We our fascinated by our customers’ individual hopes and dreams and by global mobility developments and trends. And realising these hopes and dreams is what drives us.
Our philosophy

What AMAG Parking AG advocates


Our employees have a strong sense of responsibility and are committed to providing our customers with a friendly, efficient service, treating them with the utmost respect. 


We offer ideally located parking spaces at fair prices. Our facilities are user-friendly and always state of the art. 


Our multi-storey car parks are clean, bright and welcoming. 


We are always keen to expand our parking and sustainable mobility offerings, adopting a bold approach in our pursuit of new solutions.


We meet the high standards required thanks to regular maintenance, the latest surveillance systems, on-site staff and an on-call service team that is available 24/7.


Our employees address individual customer needs attentively, provide transparency and deliver the highest quality. 


We use renewable energies wherever possible and obtain our power from hydroelectric power plants as well as solar, wind and biomass plants.


AMAG is greatly committed to supporting social and economic causes and achieving key ecological targets such as “zero 2025”. 


The fact that we are part of the AMAG Group means that we are very well connected when it comes to mobility, innovation and property, and are able to make the most of unique expertise and key synergies.