AMAG Responsibility

AMAG shows responsibility! Since its foundation, sustainable entrepreneurship has been important to AMAG. And in the future, too, responsible action is to be taken.
AMAG Responsibility

Climate neutral by 2025


The automotive industry is undergoing change. The AMAG Group has now set the course and presents its climate strategy: reduce, eliminate and, if necessary, compensate. In this way, AMAG aims to become climate-neutral as a company by 2025. In addition, AMAG has the ambition to achieve a climate-neutral footprint according to Net Zero by 2040. As of now, a dedicated climate fund supports initiatives and startups that contribute to decarbonization. AMAG is committed to the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement and to the Science Based Targets.


Since its foundation around 76 years ago, AMAG has always been economical in its use of all resources. Only in this way has it been possible for the company to grow continuously since 1945 and to become number 1 in the Swiss automotive market. The automotive industry is now at a turning point with new technologies and demands on companies. AMAG is aware of its responsibility and aims to become the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility.


AMAG lays the foundation for this within the company itself:




Employee offers: Special e-offers are available for employees, including a contribution to the costs of the home charging infrastructure.


Own fleet to go electric: From 2022, mainly electric vehicles will be used for our operational and company car fleet.


Expansion of charging infrastructure: At our own locations at AMAG Import, AMAG Retail, AMAG First, AMAG Services (Europcar), AMAG Parking and mobilog, the charging infrastructure will be significantly expanded with almost 1,000 additional charging stations. Around a quarter of this charging infrastructure will also be publicly accessible.


Delivering spare parts and accessories by rail: mobilog AG was able to save around 1,332 truck trips by transporting goods by rail with SBB Cargo Schweiz. In this way, around 529 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided in 2021.


New Mobility Hub opened: Opening of "the square" in the Circle at Zurich Airport. This is the New Mobility Hub and the competence and experience center for new sustainable individual mobility.


Sustainable mobility: New resource-saving mobility offers at Clyde, Europcar and Ubeeqo to promote electromobility.


Well informed at With the newly launched "" community platform, AMAG answers questions about electromobility, dispels prejudices and also addresses critical issues surrounding the new technology. The new website shows the various facets of electromobility, also takes a look at the past and shows where the journey can lead.



Real Estate


Expansion of photovoltaic systems: AMAG will generate more of its own electricity in the future and plans to step up the expansion of solar systems at its own sites in the coming years. By 2024, around 50,000 m2, or almost 7 soccer fields, will be covered with PV systems. This will cover more than 20% of the current electricity demand. A further expansion potential of around 100'000 m2 is currently being analyzed. In total, this would correspond to the annual electricity demand of 10,000 electric vehicles, which could be covered. What began in 2008 with what was then the largest solar installation in the canton of Zurich on the roof of the central spare parts warehouse in Buchs is now being further developed. In 2021, the solar plants at AMAG's Basel, Wettswil, Winterthur and Cham sites will go into operation.


New paint shops: The construction of the new AMAG Retail Carrosserie Center in Wettswil ZH, which opened in June, marks the arrival of a new generation of paint shops. Thanks to year-round heat recovery and intelligent control, the new painting systems use around 50% less energy than the systems they replace.


Building renovations: For new construction projects, sustainability criteria are taken into account with the help of a scorecard. A roadmap for energy-efficient refurbishment is being drawn up for existing buildings.






AMAG Pension Fund's new investment strategy: The AMAG Pension Fund has changed its investment strategy and will in future focus on a sustainable asset management approach to its investments and investments. Sustainability and returns are no longer a contradiction in terms.


Green Finance Framework developed: In order to also align the strategy presented with the clear objective of reducing CO2 emissions with AMAG's financing strategy, the intention is for AMAG Leasing AG to make more targeted investments in e-mobility in the near future by means of a green bond. It is planned that these funds will flow exclusively into the financing of electric vehicles and the charging and electricity infrastructure. AMAG Leasing AG's Green Finance Framework has been drawn up and will be published in the near future.





Cooperation with EMPA: As part of the planned "WhiteWinter" research project, AMAG also intends to become involved in the development of synthetic fuels.


ETH Mobility Initiative: In 2020, AMAG became the first partner from the automotive sector to participate in the "ETH Mobility Initiative" launched by ETH Zurich together with SBB. The aim of the "Mobility Initiative" is to develop a leading international research location for mobility in Switzerland and to work out solutions for future challenges. AMAG is participating with various research projects, including those aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and developing synthetic fuels.