Full management

AMAG Parking AG provides professional and innovative full-service solutions covering all aspects of car park management. Having operated and, in many cases, owned multi-storey car parks for many years, we can offer invaluable technical expertise. Furthermore, the fact that we are part of the AMAG Group means that we are very well connected when it comes to mobility, innovation and property, and are able to make the most of key synergies.
Car park management

A one-stop shop

Consulting, design and operation

We have experience in the planning, construction, commissioning and recommissioning of car parks, the refurbishment of operational car parks, analysis of yield potential, and devising operating and maintenance concepts. Our many years of experience, coupled with our wide range of expertise, means that we can offer tailored support to other providers.

Management and administration

We have an agile and vastly experienced Executive Board, a highly capable and friendly back office, including customer service, impactful marketing and advertising, and our own specialised accounting department, enabling us to guarantee the highest quality as well as efficient and customer-focussed processes.

Service, maintenance and security

Our motivated and highly trained on-site team ensures that the operation runs perfectly and the car park is maintained regularly. Furthermore, they use state-of-the-art systems to guarantee security. We have an on-call service team that is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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AMAG as a partner

Reap the benefits of working with a vastly experienced, well connected and innovative car park operator that is quick to recognise new challenges and trends and already actively refurbishes and upgrades its own multi-storey car parks.

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AMAG Parking AG

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