Terms of use for parking vehicles in the car park


AMAG Parking AG, Parkhaus Opéra AG, Parkhaus Messe Zürich AG
Kloten April 2024


These regulations set out the parking and usage conditions in the car parks. The regulations apply to all users (vehicle owners, drivers, co-drivers, passengers and other users) of the car parks. 

Entry to and use of the car park is only permitted for the purpose of parking cars that do not exceed the height limits posted in the respective car park and are equipped with valid license plates.

The use of the car park for short-term parkers is subject to a charge. The applicable hourly rates are displayed in the car park and published on the website www.parking.amag.ch.

Use of the car park is subject to payment of a fee. Anyone leaving the car park without paying the parking fee will be prosecuted. They will also be liable to pay an administrative fee of at least CHF 120.

A fee of CHF 50.00 must be paid for lost parking tickets in addition to the regular parking fee.

Vehicles may only be parked within the marked parking spaces. Use of the space for parking motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, etc. is prohibited. No repairs or maintenance work may be performed on the parked vehicles. Any vehicle parked outside of the marked parking spaces will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s cost. The vehicle will not be released until the owner has paid the towing costs.

Headlights must be switched on in low-beam mode at all times when driving in the car park. The maximum speed is 20 km/h. Car park users must refrain from making loud noise, leaving their car engine running unnecessarily, accelerating excessively, emitting acoustic signals, playing loud music, etc. Smoking and naked flames are expressly prohibited. Parking of vehicles without number plates is prohibited.

The car park must be used in accordance with the regulations. Anyone soiling or fouling the car park will be charged cleaning and administrative costs of at least CHF 120. In addition to this, the car park operator can ban the perpetrator from using the car park.

Parking spaces with EV charging stations open to the public are only available during the active charging process and must be vacated once the charging process has ended, except in accordance with any corresponding designation, labelling or signage. The charging capacity depends on the number of vehicles being charged and can therefore vary.

The car park operator considers the holder of a car park ticket or a rental card to be the legal owner of the vehicle; however, the operator is entitled to request additional identification at any time.

Renters use the car park at their own risk. Liability of the car park operator is therefore excluded to the extent permitted by law. In particular, no liability can be assumed for parking damage or theft.

Anyone causing damage to car park facilities or installations will be held liable for this damage.

Damage to owned or non-owned vehicles, damage to car park facilities or installations, and missing items must be reported to the car park operator before leaving the car park so that the police can be notified if need be.